Stressful Earthquakes – for Buildings
45 min (lecture 30 min, discussion 15 min)

How does a house collapse during an earthquake? Why do some flimsy towers stay upright, while concrete bunkers fall apart? Answer to those and other stressful questions about stress during earthquakes will be found in this (hopefully interesting) talk!

Leon Jurčić
Physicist who likes to talk a lot

Leon is a physics teacher, science communication enthusiast, gamer, esports/sports coach and throws awesome parties. He is currently teaching at a private school in Zagreb and doing his PhD in Ljubljana, while also trying to manage his own business.

The Insane SFF Film Soundtrack Quiz Like You Have Never Experienced Before No Seriously!
60 minutes

“Using the most modern technologies and 5G Bill Gates human chipping networks, the contestants will be thrown into a magical multidimensional universe of music from science-fiction, fantasy and horror films of the 20th and later centuries.

More specifically, the host will hum a melody and you’ll have to guess it. What? This is a disaster relief convention, you have to suffer your part. In case things turn out to be too easy, we will start uploading a 500 GB file to reduce network quality or the host will have a few drinks.”

Dalibor Perković
Physics teacher, writer, SFeraKon bulletin editor, convention veteran, author of the first Croatian anarcho-communist space-opera

Singularity (Live Action Role Playing Game Online)
Up to 120 minutes.

“A spaceship on a routine mission. A crew made of androids and humans. A little girl out of control.

What could possibly go wrong?”

“12 participants, at least 16 years old.

Application form is here:

Terrible Creations
A collective of game designers. We design and run live action role playing games for various purposes and fun times.

Terrible Creations started working together in 2014. Since then we have developed more than 30 games and entertained people both in Croatia and abroad.

Make your own video – producers guide
1 hour

Long time video, film and theatre producer Ana Miljanić is giving a live presentation and tips and tricks on how to make the best video possible – whether is the video for your YouTube channel, your school presentation or something you do for work. The presentation will be live so Ana can respond to your questions directly and make you the best video creator you can be.

Ana Miljanić
Producer @Maximum Overthunk

Travelling to conventions abroad – yea or nay?
45-60 minutes

Have you ever considered travelling to a convention abroad? This may be an awesome adventure. Yet before you’ll go it is good to consider a few things. If you are not sure how to approach such trip come and listen to the presentation where both pros and cons of such travels will be discussed. Presenter will give some useful tips and will be ready to answer questions.

Marcin “Alqua” Klak
Blogger at

Joined fandom in 2002 and became involved in conrunning from the very beginning. He began with M&A conventions but later his focus shifted to SF&F cons. So far he visited over 200 conventions in 12 countries. He is an avid reader, he also loves RPGs and board games. In 2018 he became an European GUFF delagate. After hours, he blogs about fandom and conventions at

Ancient Tales from Ban’s Place
40-50 minutes

Discover the abundance of talking animals, plants with magic powers, people of strange destinies, and adventures taking place far away and long ago. Around the middle of the last century, a trove of folk and fairy tales have been collected in the earthquake-stricken region. A traditional storyteller now retells them in a modern discourse. Most stories are suitable for ages Hogwarts and up.

Srebrenka Peregrin

Srebrenka Peregrin is a storyteller, published author, and translator. She loves discovering fun and weird stories from around the world, and sharing them with others. You will know her by the colourful turban and a cup of black tea in hand.

The Lost Gods
Up to 90 minutes.

“Heavens are in uproar! The gods awoke with a millenial hangover, only to discover they have no idea who are they and where they came from.

In order to get back to their respective times and people who worhsip them they will embark upon an adventure of investigating and puzzling out various histories and mythologies.

Come and become one of them! We have up to 50 spots available”

Applications are compulsory. Here’s the application form:

Enigmarium & Terrible Creations
“Enigmarium is one of the best Croatian escape room parlours, with many fun rooms in which they entertained thousands of players so far.
Terrible Creations is a creative collective that creates and runs live action roleplaying games. They offer more than 20 various games and run them for team buildings, intentive journeys, birthday, bachelor and bachelorette parties… “

Pen&Paper RPG
Why Broken Encounters Work Great, and Why House Rules Are Underrated
30 mins.

“Must every combat, or roleplaying, encounter always be balanced in tabletop RPGs?
The correct – the ONLY – answer is a resounding NO. I’ll explain why.”

David Insley
Founder, Rule Zero Games

A father of three, David is a 39-year roleplaying gamer, who’s played and run games across a dozen systems. With 17 years of award-winning journalism under his belt, he knows how to tell a good story, and founded Rule Zero Games in 2020 to share his stories, world, and ideas with the tabletop RPG world.

RotS – a new grim tabletop RPG in the making
Between 1 and 2 hours

“Rise of the Sovereignless is an upcoming tabletop RPG that does things differently. Specifically created for those looking for an alternative experience to high fantasy, RotS offers its players a darker and realistic set of rules. These ensure faster and brutal combat where the defining factor of successfully defeating your opponents is not luck, but critical thinking and positioning.

RotS also contains many different tokens, usable item cards and truly unique character sheets that, when combined with the mechanics of the game, speed up the gameplay and tremendously help GMs .”

Hrvoje Josip (Joseph) Nikolic, Game Author
Filip (Philip) Matan, Main Game Tester

“More than 12 years ago, something extraordinary happened to me. Something that changed my life forever. I was introduced, by my high school friend, to a wonderful Tabletop RPG called Dungeons & Dragons. 3.5 was the edition played at the time. Looking back, I can honestly say that it was love at first sight. D&D opened the doors to a whole new world for me, where possibilities were endless, and the player was not limited by choices put in the game by its developers, but by their own wit and imagination. For the next 5 years, I almost exclusively GM-ed D&D, always creating my own unique fantasy realms and worlds.

It is during this period that I developed my preferences for what kinds of worlds and settings I wanted to run. Abhorring the cheery high-fantasy tales of demigod players, I always found myself creating grim and realistic worlds, where magic was either unstable or a scarce commodity. My players responded well to these kinds of settings, encouraging me to further develop them. After 5 years of exclusively playing D&D, an idea was born. I would create a custom set of rules that catered to a low-fantasy, grim and realistic setting. But before I could do anything about it, life happened.

Another 5 years passed, and after I sorted some personal matters, I jumped back into D&D. The 5th edition had just rolled out. Immediately, I saw the many improvements introduced in this edition, and was extremely happy with it. But despite its many improvements, this was still D&D. It catered, in my humble opinion, to an extreme level of high-fantasy, and no amount of house rules could change that. After playing the 5th edition for another year, I finally decided that the time had come to start making my own set of tabletop RPG rules.
The following year, I acquainted myself with many different tabletop RPG Systems (my favorite being Savagery), and created the basic rules for my very own Tabletop RPG game. Half a year later, “Project Warriors of Madness” came to life. Still in its Alpha phase, it was a set of rules that showed a lot of promise. Becoming serious with my intentions, I formed a group of people that would work with me on this project, helping me test the rules. Soon after, Draikor joined the team, and everything changed for the better. Together we improved the rules tremendously and re-balanced the game. From there, we spent the next year and a half beta testing the rules, re-balancing the Classes and ironing all the rough edges. The game’s name was first changed to Realms of the Shattered and then, one last time to Rise of the Sovereignless.”

Consumer to Creator: Get over your self-doubt and start making stuff
45 min

Do you wish you could write stories, paint imaginary scenes, draw comics, develop games, compose soundtracks, or craft costumes, but you’re worried that you’re not talented enough? Do you fear that it’s too late to start? Many artists become famous in their early life, but did you know that Bram Stoker was 50 years old when “Dracula” was published? Did you know that Johnny Cash and Winston Churchill were also prolific painters? Why would these people keep doing it even though they had other “more important” things to do? What is it about the creative urge that just won’t let us rest? And more importantly, how can we get over ourselves and finally act on it?

Nela Dunato
Multimedia Artist

Nela Dunato is an artist, designer, and writer from Rijeka, Croatia. She’s been creating all her life, and makes a living as a graphic designer and non-fiction book author. She also teaches business and creative workshops, and has been writing articles about art, design, marketing, business, and creativity for nearly two decades. Her imaginative surreal art has been exhibited across Europe and the United States, appeared on the covers of sci-fi books, and received the European Science Fiction Society award for the Best Artist in 2012. Currently she creates art for her own pleasure and well-being, and aims to inspire people to embrace creative self-expression as a regular practice.

The Creepy Crawly Presents: Nightmares, Dieselpunk Romance, and Folk Horror
45 minutes

Tune in for our presentation to hear a little bit about Croatian genre publishing, and a bit more about Shtriga Books, horror, fantasy and queer romance. Shtriga is a small indie press, four months old, with a focus on publishing Croatian speculative fiction authors in . If you’re interested in Slavic/Croatian folklore, alternative history, portal/dark/urban fantasy and why would anyone start a publishing business during a pandemic, this could be a topic for you! There will also be some surprises in the end… which have nothing to do with creepy crawlies. At all.

Vesna Kurilić, Antonija Mežnarić

Hidden Stories In Your Pocket. Sci fi, fantasy and horror on the go. Publishing your daily dose of speculative fiction since 2020.
“Shtriga is a small publishing house from Croatia. Our aim is to provide speculative fiction ebooks primarily by Croatian authors, sharing our stories with the rest of the world.

All of our ebooks are produced with love and by a small team of local professionals. We believe in diverse stories and high quality speculative fiction for all.”

Demonstration of hanstitching in leather
30 min

Handstitching a Leather pouch/dice bag and explaining how and why the things are done the way they are with simple pattern explanation.

Ivan Kalinić
Leathersmith at Klaos Crafting and member of udruga Sinovi Monarhije (Sons of Monarchy)

Leathercrafting had been my primary hobby for around 10 years now, on top of that I’m in general niterested in medieval technology and clothing. Except for that, you can easily find me around a D&D table or playing any other tabletop game.

Ukulele OST Quiz Goes the Distance
25 min

“Vesna (the author librarian) and Lili (the ukulele) are back with 16 and a half songs from famous movie, tv show and musical soundtracks! Yes, There Will Be Disney.

You can join this continuous medley as a spectator only OR compete for the title of OST Connoisseur of the Utmost Excellence by filling out this form during the live premiere:”

Vesna Kurilic
writer, cosplayer, puzzle person

“Vesna Kurilić is a Croatian writer, editor with Shtriga Books and werewolf-loving cosplayer who moonlights as a librarian in defence of all things pulp. She currently subsists on butch necro cavaliers in space, jigsaw puzzles and excessive plotting.”